Bocce versus Pétanque: French and Italian Lawn Games

09/22/2023, 11:00 am–1:00 pm
The Quad (North)

Come join the French and Italian Studies department for Bocce and Pétanque games in the lawn! Bocce and Pétanque, are both similar Italian and French lawn games. Bocce, originating in the sixth century BC (and is also an olympic sport!) is played with eight bocce (larger balls), and one pallino (smaller target ball). The object is simple: toss the balls closest to the pallino. Pétanque, on the other hand is a century-old game originating from Provence, in the South of France. It is similar to bocce in its rules and objectives!

There is no need to have any experience with these games – the rules are fairly simple and easy! We will rotate between about 8 to 16 attendees at a time for these lawn games – and will have some special prizes for winners! 


  • Just for Fun


  • All first year students


  • Meet a New Friend
  • Info Session

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