Dawg Daze at the 5th Ave Theater

09/20/2023, 7:30 pm–10:00 pm

Get ready to head under the sea and enjoy the Little Mermaid with your fellow new Huskies! Take in the show at the 5th Ave Theater located in Downtown Seattle. Purchase your tickets beforehand at a discounted rate of 50% off and then hop on the Link light rail to enjoy the show.
Looking to head to the theater with other New Huskies? Join our meet-up-and-go at 5:45 PM PT on Red Square.

Need tickets for the show? Tickets are 50% for the UW Community, use code DAWGDAZE. Please note even though the website says its “buy one get one free” (BOGO) you can still only purchase one ticket and it will be discounted.

Purchase Tickets on this site.


  • Just for Fun


  • All first year students


  • Meet a New Friend

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