Swing Kids @ UW

Learn to Swing Dance with Swing Kids! (Beginner Lesson)

09/21/2023, 2:30 pm–3:30 pm
Savery Hall (SAV) 131

Learn to Swing Dance is our free absolute beginner drop-in lesson during Dawg Daze. If you are a beginner at swing dancing, or you want to brush up on your moves, grab your friends — come and learn some mad skills!

If you enjoy the beginner lessons or want to experience more of the Seattle Swing community, meet us at 8:30 on Sunday 9/24 on the surface of the U-District Link Station to head to Century Ballroom for a beginner lesson and an evening of Swing Dancing! You won’t want to miss this! Or come stop by and join us in our Red Square Jam on the 22nd!

We also participate in the RSO fair which is an annual gathering of all the UW clubs at Red Square from the 28th to the 30th. Drop by and say hi to us! Who knows, you might even catch an impromptu flash mob…


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  • All first year students


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