One Bus Away: Columbia City/Othello

09/18/2024, 2:00 pm–4:30 pm
Meet at Red Square

Columbia City is one of Seattle’s protected historic landmarks in the Southend, previously ranked as the most diverse area/zip code in the entire US. It is known for its historic district, with many of the buildings lined with early 20th century architecture, you’ll see many people strolling down the streets admiring its unique character.

Othello, just a mile or two away from Columbia City, is home to many immigrant and refugee families from all over the world. It’s a community that flourishes on connecting with others, whether that’s through shared living experiences or food.

Bring your Husky Card and join us for a tour of the area!


  • Get Connected


  • All first year students


  • Husky Spirit & Tradition
  • Meet a New Friend

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