Collective Art Zine: People’s Education for People’s Liberation

09/27/2023, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm
Savery Hall (SAV) 156

Young people are encouraged our whole lives to pursue and strive to be in higher education. We are told in the US that education is the path to a brighter, more stable future, empowering us to enact change and fully participate in society.

Similarly, in the Philippines, families often put everything on the line to get their kids through school, in hopes that their young child can get an education and be able to take them out of poverty.

But what happens when our education system puts profit over the interests of its students and of society? Have you ever thought about why we prioritize funding STEM over the humanities? Or how historical revisionism has affected our learning? What could a genuine education that centers students and our communities look like?

Join Anakbayan UW in collectively creating a zine that breaks down the issues in our education, and our role in changing our education into one that is for the people! In this collective art build, we’ll reflect on our culture and education, learn how art can help us propagate and enact genuine change, and understand how we, as youth, can move beyond the limits of the university to truly serve our communities!


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