PhiDE International Medical Fraternity Info Session & Mixer

09/26/2023, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm
Smith Hall (SMI) 102

We are the first and only co-ed medical fraternity at the University of Washington, Seattle and in the state of Washington. Like many other pre-health groups on campus, we work to appeal to the pre-medical community, but are very different than any other premedical groups here at the UW. Members spend the year planning events, developing their leadership and professional skills, and get the opportunity to work with their fellow “brothers and sisters.” PhiDE is an international organization with a presence in seven countries. Membership offers networking opportunities with medical students and physicians throughout the United States. With the resources and sense of community that PhiDE provides, the national medical school acceptance rate for PhiDE members is around 92%, showing how beneficial this organization is to students.

Learn more about the committees in PhiDE during this event through member-led activities relating to course planning, community-building, and service opportunities.

If you are interested in joining PhiDE, we hold recruitment every fall and spring quarter.


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  • All first year students


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