Rapid Fire Games with the Association of Femmes in STEM (formerly Women in Science Society – UW)

09/25/2023, 12:00 pm–1:30 pm
Smith Hall (SMI) 407

Come join the Association of Femmes in STEM for an extravaganza of games. There will be time to learn about the RSO, and hear some common FAQ’s, and more importantly their answers, for starting Autumn quarter from the leadership team. But the main event will be playing games to meet your fellow students! Join us to play games ranging from rapid fire minute to win it to rock, paper, scissors congo line games and see who the MVP is that can win the most games.

Our goal as a club is to create a community of supportive women and gender minority students at UW in addition to providing resources for acadmic success and development of your chosen career in STEM! Come enjoy science with us!


  • Get Connected


  • STEM


  • Personal Identity Development
  • Meet a New Friend
  • Info Session

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