Software Engineering Career Club

09/26/2023, 1:15 pm–2:45 pm
Smith Hall (SMI) 205

As technology continues to dominate our day-to-day lives, it is only normal to be curious about the people behind the apps and websites we rely on! Beyond that, software engineering is one of today’s most high-paying industries that also provides people the opportunity to make meaningful impact.

Join us as we dive into the day in the life of a software engineer, connect with those who have industry experience and students just getting started, and learn about the club’s events for this year. Whether you want to be the next Bill Gates or just want to learn about what is out there, come join us and explore software engineering.

If you can’t make it feel free to connect with us: instagram, discord,, website


  • Career Exploration


  • STEM
  • All first year students


  • Meet a New Friend
  • Info Session

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