Traditional Chinese Dance Workshop

09/25/2023, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm
Intramural Activities Building (IMA) Studio 316

Meet new friends that share a love for dance and get a fun workout in! Join Traditional Chinese Dance @ UW (TCD) in a free Chinese dance workshop to learn an originally choreographed Chinese dance piece that is suitable for ALL levels. 

TCD is UW’s only Chinese dance team! We perform at over 20 solo and group dance events in the Greater Seattle Area every year and offer free workshops to UW students with a commitment to creating welcoming, supportive environments for students to explore Chinese dance. This workshop includes a full-body warmup, learning a ~30-second Chinese dance piece, opportunities for pictures and videos, and time to meet a diverse group of UW undergrad/grad/professional students united through dance. 

You can catch up with us on Instagram at @tcduw and in-person at the RSO Fair on Red Square on Sept 27th!


  • Just for Fun


  • International
  • All first year students


  • Health & Well-being
  • Personal Identity Development
  • Meet a New Friend

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