On a backdrop of a black pillar of smoke rising through a twilight sky are the words "HOW TO BLOW UP A PIPELINE" white letters. The upper right corner of the image has a green logo with the letters ICA, and a purple one below that with the letters "SDS." At the lower right corner of the image is the UW Dawg Daze logo.

Watch “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” with Institutional Climate Action and Students for a Democratic Society

09/25/2023, 5:30 pm–8:30 pm
Savery Hall (SAV) 260

Want to do something about climate change? Thinking about activism? Or, maybe, just want to watch a cool and incredibly based movie?


Come watch How to Blow Up a Pipeline (based on the book by Andreas Malm) with ICA (Institutional Climate Action) and SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) at UW! Join us for some discussion on climate justice and social activism, snacks, new friends, and an introduction to the organizing space at UW.


IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt21440780/
Trigger Warnings: https://www.doesthedogdie.com/media/920727


Institutional Climate Action (ICA) is a climate justice organization at the University of Washington, with campaigns focusing on cutting UW’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. We’re best known for a successful fossil fuel divestment campaign and our actions around the UW’s methane gas plant. Come to our event or look up our socials @ica_uwchapter or @inclimateaction to learn more!

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) serves to organize, educate, and empower students at the University of Washington through nonviolent direct action, campus canvassing, voter education and registration, volunteer training, political advocacy, community events, and more. Through democratic decision-making and mass student mobilization, SDS builds solidarity with and advocates for leftist movements and policy proposals, fighting for economic and racial justice in the Seattle-area and Washington State.



  • Get Connected


  • All first year students


  • Personal Identity Development
  • Meet a New Friend
  • Info Session

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